Saturday, March 19, 2016

'The World of Roey's Paintbox' Video Series will Encourage Children to Create and Explore

The bright lights didn't seem to bother them. They didn't even notice the gaggle of parents, just off the edge of the stage, taking pictures and videos from their phones.

The children weren't wary of the video cameras pointing at them, even if they were catching every moment. The handful of children, perched on stage prop tree stumps, were focused on learning just exactly how to draw that elephant in front of them, the elephant Roey Ebert of Roey's Paintbox was painting on an easel at the front of their tiny onstage classroom at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Allentown.

This whole scene was part of the recent video filming by FireRock Productions, in conjunction with Roey's Paintbox, for "The World of Roey's Paintbox." And, while the child actors involved were having a blast following instructions on how to create their own unique art pieces, they were on hand to assist others with their own internal artistic exploration.

"The World of Roey's Paintbox" is an educational art escape video series for young kids through early teens (pre-K through middle school). Initially, there will be six episodes, each between 6 and 10 minutes long, in which viewers will learn to paint, draw, or color one of Roey's paintings in a step-by-step manner. Viewers will also learn more information about a supplementary subject such as growth, music, nutrition, movement, science, and fitness.

Most importantly, the episodes will appear on the iPads at Children's Hospital at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Lehigh Valley TV, and will be on YouTube for a limited time.

"The inspiration to do this came from Roey's regular work with the Children's Hospital at Lehigh Valley Hospital, as well as her positive experience working with us on another project," said FireRock Productions ​Co-owner and Director of Operations, Julia Urich. "A few months ago, she suggested that the hospital should have educational art videos for the child patients. The hospital loved her idea, so she took it to sponsors. Capital BlueCross, BLICK Art Materials, Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, DeSales University, and Josh Early Candies have been extremely supportive and share our vision for this incredible program."

As an art instructor, Roey Ebert of Roey’s Paintbox® Parties, helps guide even the most timid beginner step by step through the painting process. From experience, Roey Ebert learned that once a child, teenager, or adult has a starting point to build upon, their natural abilities and creativity are unleashed -- resulting in a work of art. Her method of art instruction has nurtured the creative ability for thousands of people, young and old.

The videos' stars, the children on set, were still seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were being filmed for such an interesting and educational program. They painted, asked questions, helped each other when they could, and tried to make their best elephant possible.

Which is exactly what "The World of Roey's Paintbox" videos aim to do for many children throughout the Lehigh Valley area when the program is released this spring.

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